JIRI STIVIN (flutes, sax, cl.) & ALI HAURAND (bass)

Jiri und AliThey are two people who can rely on and trust one another. On one hand the human and on the other the musical side. This confidence is the base for their musical co-operation. There is no third person who could add to their relationship and there is no rhythm group in the background to support their music. One-to-one musical dialogues in real time. No aids from the bag of tricks given by studio technology, no virtual sounds from the computer world. Just The Two Of Us. To be able to play music together with such sensitivity, it is necessary to listen carefully to one another. Certainly they have the advantage of having known each other for years, of playing together in the European Jazz Ensemble and also in a trio with Rob van den Broeck on piano. Yet in a duo, not only are there less ties and more freedom, but certainly also more risks. Performing adventurous tight-rope walks between the familiar and the unknown, including the unintentional, the two of them develop exciting, coherent musical dialogues. The accompanying and the leading roles are changing all the time and often cannot be determined. Both are responsible for everything: from the melodic sound and harmonious refinements to the rhythmic drive of their music.
Ali Haurand who grew up with a jazz tradition, has decades worth of experience in the art of free play and structuring the music of his ever first class bands and ensembles. He is very much associated with Jiri Stivin who has his spiritual home in different disciplines: He gained during a long process an open, non dogmatic and creative handling of his new found musical freedom. Others may come from the Berklee School of Music – Jiri Stivin comes from Bohemia, the "Conservatory of Europe". He plays baroque, jazz and improvised music with the same devotion. All these experience can be sensed when Ali Haurand and Jiri Stivin get involved in a musical dialogue which may need a common topic, but additional prior arrangement. When two musicians of this quality join forces, the sounds anf the rhythm ebb and flow by themselves. - Bert Noglik

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Jiri Stivin is peerless in his personalisation of the best traditions of Bohemian musicianship. He has added the experiences of jazz and new music to his inheritance. With his virtuosity and vitality combined with devotion and intellect, he defies categorisation. Today he is rated amongst the finest flautists in the world and is a highly acknowledged and appreciated interpret of renaissance and baroque works. Jiri Stivin´s musical travel began in the sixties in Prague. He first studied at the film academy which he left with a degree in cinematography. At the same time he took lessons with Milan Munclinger, a specialist in old music and had his debut as a saxophonist with "Sputnick", on of the first rock groups in Czechoslovakia. As a member of Martin Kratochvils formation "Jazz Q" and of the "SHQ Combo" around Karel Velebny, he found access to the top groups of the Czechoslovakian jazz scene very early in his career. In the Prague ensemble "Quax", he developed avant.garde modes of expression. At the end of the sixties, then living in London, Jiri Stivin played with the composer and pianist Cornelius Gardew in his "Scratch Orchestra". Between 1972 and 1977, Stivin developed together with the guitarist Rudolph Dasek an outstanding duo which under the name of "System Tandem" went on a European tour and enjoyed huge successes at international festivals. This duo has worked together with many diverse musicians such as Pierre Favre and Tony Scott, Helmut "Joe" Sachse and Alain Vitous, with his drum playing son Jiri Stivin jr., with choirs, big bands and symphony orchestras. Stivin was able to gain as much appreciation as a soloist in the flute concerts of Vivaldi and Telemann as in his skills as composer and improviser.

The name Ali Haurand is associated with many diverse groups, projects and international touring ensembles. As a bassist and band leader, a tireless initiator and inspirator, the jazz musician from lower Rhine Viersen in Germany has been able to add to European musical history. For many years the "European Jazz Ensemble" which was co-founded by Ali Haurand, has consisted of ever changing new members. It has formed a nerve and vital communications centre, a sort of creative melting pot for European jazz musicians. Even though the focus in Ali Haurand´s music has always been on the contemporary, he does not deny his ties with the tradition of modern jazz through his experience of playing and his various musical encounters. He still had the chance to tour with musicians such as for instance Philly Joe Jones, Ben Webster, Don Byas, John Handy, Bobby Jones and Wilton Gaynair. Already by the end of the sixties he had played in the trio and the quartet of the Pianist George Maycock. Then followed his own groups such as "Third Eye", "The European Jazz Quintet", as well as the trio "SOH" together with Alan Skidmore and Tony Oxley. With his long-term companions, the saxophonist Gerd Dudek and the pianist Rob van den Broeck, Ali Haurand plays in the highly integrated formation "The Trio". On top of that, projects developed such as the "Trumpet Summit" or the encounter of the "European Jazz Ensemble" with members of the Indian Khan family. The cast lists of the bands around Ali Haurand have been regarded for a long time as a "Who´s Who" of the international jazz elite. It is not surprising that besides Jiri Stivin there are such musicians as Joachim Kühn, Daniel Humair, Charlie Mariano or Alan Skidmore. They have been connected to one another in groups for a long time already, now Ali Haurand and Jiri Stivin are performing their debut Album "Just The Two Of Us".

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