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Jazz originated in America. A music based on the melodic and harmonic structures of the European classical tradition and heavily influenced by the rhythmic feeling of the Africans who were brought as slaves to America, it has developed far beyond its roots. Early in the century, the Europeans welcomed jazz with open arms and improvisation returned to the musical land-scape of the continent. The first independant developements in European jazz can be traced to Django Reinhardt and his quintet "Hot Club de France". A broad, original European contribution to jazz, however, was first made by "Free Jazz" era. The independant identity and the intensity of expression which has developed since that time allows us to speak of a true European jazz or "Euro-Jazz". Of course, this expression has nothing to do with stylized, "jazzed up" European traditional music. The EUROPEAN JAZZ ENSEMBLE brings together some of the leading musicians of Euro-Jazz. Formed in 1976 as a quintet with Alan Skidmore, Leszek Zadlo, Gerd Dudek, Ali Haurand and Pierre Courbois, the ensemble radically changed it's membership in 1982. Ali Haurand and Gerd Dudek remained and were joined by E. L. Petrowsky, Allan Botschinsky, Manfred Schoof, Rob van den Broeck and Tony Oxley, since 1988 Tony Levin forming the basic group of the EUROPEAN JAZZ ENSEMBLE. European Jazz EnsembleFor the 12th Anniversary Tour in 1989, Enrico Rava, Philip Catherine, Uschi Brüning and Louis Scalvis have been invited to participate. In 1991 the EUROPEAN JAZZ ENSEMBLE with Joachim Kühn met the Khan Family from India. For the 20th Anniversary Tour in 1996, the ensemble invited Charlie Mariano, Joachim Kühn, Enrico Rava, Conny Bauer, Jiri Stivin, Daniel Humair, Tony Lakatos and Rolf Kühn to participate.

From left: Alan Skidmore * Rob van den Broeck * Joachim Kühn * Charlie Mariano * Gerd Dudek * Ali Haurand * Jiri Stivin * Stan Sulzmann * Allan Botschinsky * Jarmo Hoogendijk * Tony Levin * Paolo Fresu * Adelhard Roidinger * Daniel Humair * Conny Bauer
EUROPEAN JAZZ ENSEMBLE - 25th anniversary tour 2001