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Pino Minafra was born in Ruvo di Puglia (Bari) in 1951. As a young boy he was a member of a church choir. Later he devoted himself to the study of music in general and the trumpet in particular, receiving a rich training in a whole range of musical contexts, from the traditional "banda" to light music, from ancient music to opera, from symphonic music to jazz and improvised music. He graduated in trumpet at the conservatoire "N.Piccinni" in Bari. Since 1977 he has formed and conducted numerous bands, among them "PRAXIS", the "Pino Minafra Quintet" and, most recently, the "Sud Ensemble" and the "Banlieues Bleues Quartet", touring the most famous international festivals with them and achieving considerable recognition. He has played with the most important musicians of the international scene. He has collaborated with the poet Vittorino Curci, creating and directing the Europe Jazz Festival Noci in cooperation with him. He is the founder of the Italian Instabile Orchestra and of the Talos Festival in Ruvo di Puglia. He has produced a documentary on the music of Holy Week in Ruvo, recording on CD a number of compositions by the two brothers Antonio and Alessandro Amenduni, performed by the "Banda Cittá di Ruvo di Puglia". Together with the same banda he took part in the "Donaueschinger Musiktage 1996" and recorded a double CD for Enja Records which includes both traditional pieces from Italian Opera and original compositions for banda and improvisers written by M. Godard, W. Breuker and B. Tommaso. In 1999 on behalf of the High National Conservatory of Paris and the Festival Jazz á la Villette he conducted with G. Trovesi a Big Band formed of young European students that played original compositions by Trovesi and himself. In 2000, during the Carnavalcade in Saint-Denis (Paris), he worked for a theatrical and musical project on Pinocchio, for which he wrote a number of compositions, which he conducted himself. During the eighth instalment of the Talos Festival and within the framework of a special project celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Italian Instabile Orchestra, he arranged a musical meeting, the first one, between Instabile and Cecil Taylor. For this very special event Cecil Taylor wrote a new composition in honour of the Orchestra. In 2001 in the course of a special project that came about during the Puglia Festival Bande in Conversano (southern Italy) he, together with his group, the Sud Ensemble, played with the Roncati Banda of Boulogne, the Titubanda of Rome, the Ottoni a scoppio of Milan and the Express Brass Band of Monaco; 130 musicians in all! In 2002 he wrote and played, together with his son Livio, Pinocchio's Music, a composition that has the famous Italian puppet as its subject. This work was commissioned by the American choreographer Karole Armitage in conjunction with the Dutch theatre company Introdans. Pino is a permanent member of the Instabile Orchestra, of G.Trovesi's Octet and Keith Tippett's Tapestry; what is more, he has taken part in numerous original projects, such as M.Godard e L. Galeazzi's "Castel Del Monte" " and B.Tommaso's "Oltre Napoli, la notte".