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Joachim Kühn was born in Leipzig, Germany, in 1944. He made his debut as a concert pianist when still a young man. He completed his studies of piano and composition under the aegis of the concert pianist Arthur Schmidt-Elsey, while at the same time, influenced by his elder brother, the clarinettist Rolf Kühn, developing an interest in jazz. Early on he led both traditional and mainstream bands. Joachim turned professional jazz musician in 1961. With his first trio, which he founded in 1964, he for the first time brought home to an audience in the German Democratic Republic free jazz with European roots. In 1966 he was invited to a talent competition in Vienna from which he never returned to his home country. He settled down in Hamburg, where he founded a free jazz quartet with his brother, which they made know to a wider jazz audience at, among other events, the Berlin Jazztage and the Newport Jazz Festival. Together with the Coltrane bassist, Jimmy Garrison, the Kühn brothers recorded an album in New York for Impuls, which was produced by Bob Thiele. Since 1968 Joachim has been living in Paris, where he has worked with many musicians representing a wide range of musical styles and all residents in that city, among them Gato Barbieri, Don Cherry, Karl Berger, Slide Hampton, Philly Joe Joens, Phil Woods, Michel Portal. As a member of Jean-Luc Ponty's "Experience" and "Association P.C." in the 1970s he turned to electronic keyboards, distinguishing himself as one of the leading exponents of European Rock Jazz. While at the same time acting as a member of trios of his own, one of which, with Jean-Francois Jenny Clark (bass) and Daniel Humair (drums) - two musicians who would again and again cross his path "“ was to become Europe's leading piano jazz trio. Joachim has also played with Alphonse Mouson, Billy Cobham, Michael Brecker, Eddie Gomez, Jan Akkermann, Joe Lovano, Enrico Rava, Albert Mangeldorff, Randy Brecker, Adam Nussbaum and Ornette Coleman. His concerts with the Leipzig Thomaner Choir in 1999 and 2000 attracted great attention and praise. In May 2000 his CD "the diminished augmented system", with compositions by Ornette Coleman, Johann Sebastian Bach and himself, was nominated for the German Record Award. Joachim's awards include: - Between 1970 and 1993: twelve times winner of the Poll conducted by Jazz Forum: Best European Pianist. - 1991: RAI TV Italy: chosen as best European musician. - 1997: Jazz musician of the year ahead of Keith Jarret; chosen by the readers of the magazine HI-FI-VISION - 1994: German Record Critics' Prize for "famous melodies". Since 1991 Joachim has been a regular guest with and composer for the EUROPEAN JAZZ ENSEMBLE; in 1991 he took part when the EUROPEAN JAZZ ENSEMBLE met the Khan Family from India and in 1996 and 2001 he was a member of the ensemble's 20th and 25th anniversary tours respectively.