Jiri Stivin (flutes & alto sax) Print
Jiri Stivin was born on November 23rd 1943 in Prague, Czech Republic. As his mother was an actress, his background can be said to be an artistic one. After graduating from high school he studied cine-photography at Prague's prestigious Film Academy (FAMU). Having played the violin as a child, he now became fascinated by the flute and studied it with the leading Czech flutists Milan Munclinger and Jiri Válek. Beginning in the 1970s he performed with Barre Phillips, bass, and Zbigniew Seifert, violin. It was at this time that Stivin's talent was acknowledged with a number of awards and prizes. Under the name "System Tandem" he collaborated for a long time and made recordings for the Munich-based ECM Label with the guitar player Rudolf Dasek. His activities in the sphere of old music resulted in, for example, his leading ensembles such as "COLLEGIUM QUOTLIBET", which performs medieval, renaissance and baroque music, in occasional appearances with the Prague Baroque Trio, as well as in collaborations with a number of other ensembles, e.g. the Ars Redivina, with which he performed Bach's Brandenburg Concertos at the Prague Spring Festival. Jiri Stivin and Ali Haurand first met in 1968, while both performed with the mime Milan Sládek. After joining the EUROPEAN JAZZ ENSEMBLE in 1992, Jiri in 1996 recorded the CD "BORDERTALK" for Konnex Records, Berlin, with the piano player Rob van den Broeck and Ali Haurand. Many jazz and baroque music records and CDs reveal his wide range of musical ability. In 2001 he recorded the CD "Just The Two Of Us" with Ali Haurand.